Project BASHM

Perhaps Bandshirts are not always the first choice for long arduous mountaintrips but what the heck! They Rock! In Project Bash_M we bring our favorite Bandshirts to the Mountaintops and for each shirt we donate 5€ to a charity organization.

Project Bash_M 2020:   The Corona Year!

„Gotta keep the good vibes in bad times“ – Frank Turner/Jon Snodgrass

Due to the corona situation we had to change our big plans a little bit this year. But still something came out of it. Find the results down below. This year we are very happy to support the Hardcore Help Foundation. The HHF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to many great causes such as healthcare, education, disability, and disaster relief projects. For Details and support Check: Hardcore Help Foundation & HHF (Instagram)

Collerena Mountain (Sandebühel) 2607m Sextener Dolomiten, South Tyrol, Italy  Shirts: Off With Their Heads & Two GallantsClemensberg 840m Hochsauerland, Germany  Shirt: Banner PilotDonnerstein 2725m,  Osttirol, Austria  Shirt: Muff Potter Golfen 2493m Toblach/Dobbiaco South Tyrol, Italy  Shirt (longsleeve): Clowns Haunoldköpfl 2158m South Tyrol,  Italy  Shirts: Cortex Store Berlin & Alkaline TrioKasamutz 2333m Toblach, South Tyrol, Italy  Shirts: Title Fight & Save EndsMarchkinkele_ Cornetto di Confine 2545m Alto Adige, Ital. Shirts: Clowns (for the 2. time I know 🙂 & The CopyrightsMonte Piano 2324m Sexten Dolomites Belluno, Italy   Shirt: Scott H. BiramPetzeck 3283m Carinthia, Austria  Shirts: 2x The BombpopsSpeikboden 2653m Osttirol Österreich  Shirts: Hurricane Season & Hot Water MusicSpitzkofel 2717m Lienzer Dolomiten, Osttirol Österreich  Shirts: Millencolin & Bandaid BrigadeToblacher Pfannhorn 2663m Villgratner Berge, Südtirol  Shirts: Chris Cresswell & Rancid



Project Bash_M 2019

In Project Bash_M 2019 we brought our favorite Bandshirts to the Mountaintops. For every shirt we brought onto a summit this year we donated 5€ to the Rudolf Pichlmayr-Stiftung to support the rehabilitation centre Ederhof in the mountains of East Tyrol, Austria.  Results below.

Mit Project BASH_M 2019 unterstützten wir offiziell die Rudolf Pichlmayr-Stiftung und das Rehabilitationszentrum Ederhof in den Osttiroler Bergen. Für jedes Bandshirt das wir 2019 auf einem Berg-Gipfel trugen spendeten wir 5€. Die Ergebnisse findet ihr etwas tiefer.

Hornisch Eck 2552m – East Tyrol, Austria – Shirts: Bad Cop Bad Cop & Good Friend Oberbachernspitze 2677m – South Tyrol, Italy – Shirts: Beastie Boys & The Last GangLaserzwand 2614m – East Tyrol, Austria – Shirts: The Sewer Rats & Bad Cop Bad Cop  Seekofel / Croda del Becco  2810m – South Tyrol, Italy – Shirts: Teenage Bottlerocket & The CopyrightsSpitzenstein 2265m – East Tyrol, Austria – Shirts: Hot Water Music & The Run UpBöses Weibele 2521m – East Tyrol, Austria – Shirts: Kepi Ghoulie & Spanish Love SongsDegenhorn 2946m – East Tyrol, Austria – Shirts: Bong Mountain & Not On TourEngelsley ~280m – Ahrtal, Germany – Shirts: Ann Beretta & Off With Their Heads Heimkehrerkreuz-Schützenmahd 2224m – East Tyrol, Austria – Shirts: Foundation (Rob Huddleston of Ann Beretta)Hochschober 3240m – East Tyrol, Austria – Shirts: No Trigger & PearsKreidenfeuer 1615m (Rauchkofel) – East Tyrol, Austria (early spring)  Shirt: THE PENSKE FILE & THE DEAD SOUTHHochstein 2057m – East Tyrol, Austria (snowy spring day)  Shirts: BANNER PILOT & THE JUKEBOX ROMANTICS


Results – 2018


Hochnase Mountain 2560m – Carinthia, Austria – Shirt: NOTHINGTONhigher Leitenkopf Mountain 2449m – Carinthia, Austria – Shirt: THE BOMBPOPSGlödis 3206m – East Tyrol, Austria  – Shirt:  RED CITY RADIO Porze 2599m (Cima Palombino) – border mountain –  East Tyrol, Austria – Shirt: THE COPYRIGHTS  Cima Palombino 2599m (Porze) – border mountain – Province of Belluno, Italy – Shirt: THE FLATLINERSHochalpenkopf (Cima dei colli Alti) 2542m – Trentino / Alto Adige, Province Bolzano, Italy – Shirts: DRAG THE RIVER & AGAINST ME!Hochstadl 2680m – Gailtal, Carinthia / East Tyrol, Austria – Shirt: THE BOMBPOPSCroda Rossa di Sesto (Sextener Rotwand) 2965m – Sexten Dolomites, South Tyrol, Italy – Shirt: SAVE ENDSBretterwandspitze 2887m – East Tyrol, Austria – Shirt: THE WONDER YEARS


Hochgrabe 2951m – Easty Tyrol, Austria – Shirt: TIM BARRYSchleinitz 2904m – East Tyrol, Austria – Shirt: SPRAYNARDMonte Paterno 2744m – Sexten Dolomites, Italy – Shirt: IRON CHIC
Böses Weibl 3119m – East Tyrol, Austria – Shirt: AGAINST ME!Gabesitten 2665m – Außervillgraten East Tyrol, Austria – Shirt: TWO COW GARAGEHahneberg 88m – Berlin Spandau, Germany – Shirt: GNARWOLVES

2016Zirmsee 2495m – Heiligenblut, Carinthia, Austria – Shirt: SHOOK ONES

Sandkopf Mountain 3090m, Carinthia, Austria – Shirt: SUCCESSStanziwurten 2707m – Carinthia, Austria – Shirt*: OFF WITH THEIR HEADS