Project BASHM

Mit Project BASH_M 2019 unterstützen wir nun offiziell die Rudolf Pichlmayr-Stiftung und das Rehabilitationszentrum Ederhof in den Osttiroler Bergen.

Für jedes Bandshirt das wir 2019 auf einem Berg-Gipfel tragen spenden wir 5€.

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Perhaps Bandshirts are not always the first choice for long arduous mountaintrips but what the heck! They Rock!
In Project Bash_M 2019 we bring our favorite Bandshirts to the Mountaintops.

And the best part is for every shirt we bring onto the summits this year we donate 5€ to the Rudolf Pichlmayr-Stiftung to support the rehabilitation centre Ederhof in the mountains of East Tyrol, Austria.

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Results below. (Our Main trip starts in Jul/ Aug. check our Instagram for latest news and more)

Results 2019 (so far)Kreidenfeuer 1615m (Rauchkofel) – East Tyrol, Austria (early spring)  Shirt: THE PENSKE FILE & THE DEAD SOUTHHochstein 2057m – East Tyrol, Austria (snowy spring day)  Shirts: BANNER PILOT & THE JUKEBOX ROMANTICS

Results – 2018Hochnase Mountain 2560m – Carinthia, Austria – Shirt: NOTHINGTONhigher Leitenkopf Mountain 2449m – Carinthia, Austria – Shirt: THE BOMBPOPSGlödis 3206m – East Tyrol, Austria  – Shirt:  RED CITY RADIO Porze 2599m (Cima Palombino) – border mountain –  East Tyrol, Austria – Shirt: THE COPYRIGHTS  Cima Palombino 2599m (Porze) – border mountain – Province of Belluno, Italy – Shirt: THE FLATLINERSHochalpenkopf (Cima dei colli Alti) 2542m – Trentino / Alto Adige, Province Bolzano, Italy – Shirts: DRAG THE RIVER & AGAINST ME!Hochstadl 2680m – Gailtal, Carinthia / East Tyrol, Austria – Shirt: THE BOMBPOPSCroda Rossa di Sesto (Sextener Rotwand) 2965m – Sexten Dolomites, South Tyrol, Italy – Shirt: SAVE ENDSBretterwandspitze 2887m – East Tyrol, Austria – Shirt: THE WONDER YEARS


Hochgrabe 2951m – Easty Tyrol, Austria – Shirt: TIM BARRYSchleinitz 2904m – East Tyrol, Austria – Shirt: SPRAYNARDMonte Paterno 2744m – Sexten Dolomites, Italy – Shirt: IRON CHIC
Böses Weibl 3119m – East Tyrol, Austria – Shirt: AGAINST ME!Gabesitten 2665m – Außervillgraten East Tyrol, Austria – Shirt: TWO COW GARAGEHahneberg 88m – Berlin Spandau, Germany – Shirt: GNARWOLVES

2016Zirmsee 2495m – Heiligenblut, Carinthia, Austria – Shirt: SHOOK ONES

Sandkopf Mountain 3090m, Carinthia, Austria – Shirt: SUCCESSStanziwurten 2707m – Carinthia, Austria – Shirt*: OFF WITH THEIR HEADS