Trips 04.17

On April 28th Uncle M Music celebrated his 5th birthday and threw a fucking rad party at the Skaters Palace in Münster. A wonderful evening with great bands, nice people and a perfect atmosphere. To give more people the chance to participate, they moved the festival in the big hall. A great community friendly decision. We appreciate that!  Pardon for the poor photo quality,  we took them beerhanded with the smartphone.

b00 unclemfest

The Dirty Nil

b01dirtynil b02dirtynil b03dirtynil


b04gnarwolves b05gnarwolves b06gnarwolves

The Flatliners

b07flatliners b08flatliners b09flatliners b10flatliners b11flatliners

The Menzingers

b12menzingers b13menzingers b14menzingers b15menzingers b16menzingers

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