Trips 01.2017


…some photos of our first short road trip this year. We entered the woods of the Die Haard area near Haltern a part of the Nature Park Hohe Mark Westmünsterland in North Rhine Westphalia.

02 die haarda 03 die haardb 04 die haardc 05 die haardc 06 die haardc 08 die haardc 09 die haardc

 For some research meeting, Alex went to Brescia, Italy this January and brought back some nice photos.

16 brescia 17 brescia

The New Cathedral (Duomo Nuovo), Brescia

18 brescia 19 brescia 20 brescia 21 brescia 22 brescia

…in the distance the impressive Mount Rose, the gate to the alps….

15 brescia

Last but not f‘ least…. some pics of our little trip to the Heidesee in Oberhausen..

13 heidesee 14 heidesee 12 heidesee